Measure Appliance Energy Use with a Kill-A-Watt Meter

04 May, 2020

Are you curious how much energy your various home appliances use? Are you aware that many electronics, such as TVs, DVRs, set-top boxes, and game consoles continually use energy, even when they are turned off? Want to investigate which are the worst offenders so you can stop these energy “leaks” and reduce your energy bill?

The Mountain View Public Library has Kill-a-Watt meters for check-out. Simply unplug an appliance in your home, plug the Kill-a-Watt meter into the outlet, and then plug the appliance into the Kill-a-Watt meter. A digital display will show you how many watts the appliance is using. Be sure to turn the appliance “on” and “off” so you can see the difference in electricity use.

For more information, search the Library Catalog for “kill-a-watt.”

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