What is a Strategic Plan?

    A Strategic Plan is a roadmap and a shared vision for the future of parks, recreation and community services and is shaped by community values, unmet needs and evolving demographics and trends.

    How does this affect me?

    Did you know that spending time in parks and participating in recreation activities can improve you and your family's health? Research has consistently shown that even moderate exercise, a 30-min walk, and just time outdoors in nature boosts your physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. From property values to economic impact and rebuilding a sense of community pride, parks and recreation provides a tremendous benefit to Mountain View.

    What are the Plan’s goals?

    This plan has the following key goals

    1. Ensure an inclusive community outreach process to identify the community’s current needs 
    2. Identify trends and next practices to move Mountain View forward 
    3. Ensure equitable access to all parks and program offerings citywide 
    4. Position the Department for future funding and partnership opportunities 
    5. Co-create a community vision that is centered on equity

    How can I share my vision for the future?

    The community engagement process offers a variety of ways to provide your input starting with the open-ended comment box on this digital engagement platform: TBD

    Share your feedback through the statistically valid or online survey

    Participate in community and neighborhood focus groups 

    Attend the community listening sessions 

    Visit our Information Booth at City events to share your feedback

    Email us at Neelay.bhatt@BeNextPractice.com or Kristine.Crosby@mountainview.gov

    Who is responsible for this master plan?

    The City of Mountain View staff is leading this work internally and are collaborating externally with Next Practice Partners (link to www.BeNextPractice.com), a national leader in inclusive and innovative planning.